Karna Saya Cinta Alam Raya Indonesia, Berpetualanglah melintasi pelosok negeri, nikmatilah jutaan hal hebat yang siap menantimu. “Keep going and never quit! The champion is never quit.”

What’s New in on1 Perfect Effects 9.5

Photofocus (old site)

In this video I show the new and updated features inside of on1’s Perfect Effects version 9.5. Here’s what is covered:

  • Luminosity Mask
  • Line Mask Tool
  • Double-click Chisel and Blur Tools
  • Feather In and Out with Blur Tool
  • Mask Contextual Menu
  • “O” key to toggle mask preview
  • Updates to Borders filter options
  • Improvement to Temperature slider (now yellow, not orange)

If you would like to learn more about Perfect Effects, please take a look at my full video course by clicking here.

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