Karna Saya Cinta Alam Raya Indonesia, Berpetualanglah melintasi pelosok negeri, nikmatilah jutaan hal hebat yang siap menantimu. “Keep going and never quit! The champion is never quit.”

Where’s my neon green bus with snacks? Or, some of the differences between a cycling holiday and training camp


To get fast you need to ride with faster people.

That’s true. This week I rode with lots of them. (And I think I got faster. Wheee! Zoom!)

Well truth be told my group was just 10 of the many. And I wasn’t slowest in all settings. On the flats I can usually hold my own and I always surprise people when it comes time to sprint. But it’s hilly at camp (very hilly!) and given my size and the hills, I’m the slowest.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that’s why I’d love to be smaller. See more on that theme in this recent post.

Somebody has to be the slowest. I tell that to all my friends who are new to riding. (Hi Tracy!) But this week I needed to listen to my own advice.

Where exactly was I that I was…

Lihat pos aslinya 1.473 kata lagi


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